Alternative Debt Financing

Alternative Debt Financing

At Entrepreneur Capital, we offer a variety of financing services and options for the entrepreneur. Those services and choices fall under the category of Alternative Debt Financing.

We also work hard to stay up-to-date as new sources of funding appear.

We’re proud to offer many kinds of Alternative debt financing which includes

  • Pre-Revenue or Early Stage Seed Capital – Funding up to $175k per qualified applicant
  • 4 Year term – Interest free (0%) from 12 – 21 months – No Collateral and Stated Income
  • One Month’s Revenue Loan Program – No Funding Limit Unsecured revolving 6-month Term
  • Term Loans up to 4 years – No Funding Limit Secured by General Lien on Business based on Cash Flow of business to pay back loan
  • Purchase Order or Contract Financing/Account Receivable Financing
  • SBA Loans /  Inventory Financing
  • Equipment Financing – New or Used – Equipment Loan based on Used Equipment in Business
  • Patent, Technology, Intangibles, Intellectual Property Financing
  • Real Estate Financing for Residential, Commercial or Industrial Development – USA
  • Acquisition of a Business Financing – Can arrange financing up to 70% of purchase price
  • Acquisition of a Business or new Construction Financing – Can arrange financing up to 100% of construction or purchase price – 10 year Non-Recourse Loan at 4.5% Interest only with up to 3 years grace period for construction and stabilization – $5M Min.
  • International loans of any kind anywhere for at least $1M or more.

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