We Bring Money to Business

Entrepreneur Capital Corporation (ECC), was founded in 1988, to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) raise the capital they need when they need it. We are a national full-service financing advisory firm who has the experience, database of both equity and debt sources of capital, systems, and organization to advise entrepreneurs looking for funding from $100k through $20M or more.

Most businesses have advisors for legal advice, accounting advice, insurance advice, business advice, marketing advice, etc. But the most important advice they really need is how to access capital no matter what their circumstances. All business during all their stages of development need access to capital to start and grow their business.

Where do they go to get financing advice? They go to people who are not trained in raising money in the capital markets like lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, business advisors, friends etc.

We believe we are the largest and most experienced national financing advisory firm. We help build companies by advising them as to the best way to finance their businesses be it through debt or equity.  We offer access to capital sources who will finance just about any entrepreneurial company, in any industry, at any stage of development from start-up to early and later stages of growth. We charge no -upfront fees to any client.  Although we are usually compensated by our funding sources, we actually represent the interests of our clients.  We have 28 years of experience helping literally thousands of business achieve their financing goals.  We know the sources of capital and all the techniques of funding small and medium sized companies.


  1. Strong database of sources of equity and debt capital mostly at the institutional level.
  2. Most of our sources focus on US based companies but we do have sources for high growth foreign firms.
  3. Experience Management Staff to understand client’s business and deal with funding sources.
  4. We are founded by Bruce Blechman, a national known and respected financing advisor who is the co-author of the best seller “Guerrilla Financing.”
  5. A database of alternative techniques to finance businesses in any industry at every stage of development.

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